Monday, September 12, 2011

The Old Gray House II

I wish we still lived in a world where we still wrote on the edge of our maps; “beyond here be dragons.” Life should be lived with a sense of mystery, with that child-like curiosity that there is something out there left to be discovered. I found one of those places that exists just on the edge of the map, that sparks that mystery in my heart and makes that child in me come alive. “The Old Gray House” in Buxton, NC. 

Last year, the place was packed and I hovered on the edge of the visiting masses, hanging on every word Dewy Parr said as he taught about the exotic shells that he has on display. It was so busy that day, that I was only able to meet him briefly, which was the only regret from that trip.

This year though, I was lucky enough to stop by during one of the few moments when they weren't crazy busy. And found Dewy where I last saw him, back in his Shell Shack, working away. He greeted me with his warm smile and before I knew it we where sitting on a bench talking away like old friends. - Is it possible to feel at home in a place that you only visit once a year?

I think this is exactly what Dewy and Mary had in mind when they created this place. A place where you can be a kid again, get lost and find yourself on an unexpected journey. And I think I'm not the only one who feels this way. Talking with Dewy he told me, "I've been doing this long enough that kids who used to come by when I started this place, now have their own kids and they're still coming." - I can understand why, and I can't wait to get back next year.


You can find The Old Gray House off of Route 12 in Buxton. Turn onto Light Plant Road, across from Connors Supermarket. It’s the first house past the Pines Motel.
If you pop in, tell Dewy and Mary I say "Hey!"
For more information on The Old Gray House check them out on Facebook by clicking here 

If you would like to read my article from last here click here

These pictures where taken with a Mamiya C3 with TMX 120 T-Max 100 Professional Black & White. 

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